Housing Institutions

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Institut Pasteur, Paris

Institut Pasteur is a foundation established since 1887 whose mission is to contribute to the understanding, prevention and treatment of diseases through research, teaching and public health initiatives. Knowledge transfer is one of Institut Pasteur’s core missions; its Education Center organizes doctoral school modules for PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, experienced researchers and health professionals. Institut Pasteur is part of an international network of 33 scientific research centers in the world and is therefore involved in sharing current scientific and medical knowledge and setting up an international network of researchers and doctors, who are highly focused on global public health issues.

Nanshan CCDC, Shenzhen

Nanshan CCDC is a reputed reference centre for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, located in Shenzhen, one of the fastest developing cities of the world. Nanshan CCDC concentrates research-oriented teaching and offers a high quality of research laboratories. Nanshan CCDC has a solid experience in the clinical analysis and research on tuberculosis in the Guangdong Province.